What our students have to say...

I am a PSO Leader for the Department of Public Safety at a college.

I really enjoyed the course, I learned a lot of new things about fingerprinting and the history of fingerprinting. I really enjoyed the depth of information throughout the course, especially the process of how to work with fingerprinting cards, gathering prints at scenes, etc.  

This course has helped me advance in my career. I have to gather and submit prints from new employees with certain security clearance. This course taught me how to properly fill out cards, take prints, etc. 

I would definitely recommend this course to anyone that loves to learn and wants to obtain skills/information in regards to fingerprinting.

Rebecca McKinney, PSO Leader

As I started the course I was so surprised to see so much literature on the topics that were covered and added to the course.  I was intrigued and wanted to read and cover all I could. This was a help to me because when I started answering the quizzes I was able to retain all of the diagrams and notes covered in the training material. I was able to practice, reading and counting the fingerprint card calculations. 

This course is great if you really want to learn how it is done.  I have been showing my coworkers how, and what I'm doing. I think they will be applying for the course as well very soon. Thank you.

Michele Brister, Investigative Analysis